Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sleek new look

Sometimes I get bored of the same old stuff and hanker for change.  Last week, I got a wonderful new haircut; it feels liberating after spending 10 years with the same hair.  I've had some lovely compliments!

There have been a few things about the appearance of the blog that have been troubling me for a little while.  So, like the hair, it was time for a change.

Those of you reading the blog from my Blogspot website will be seeing this totally new look right now.  I hope you all like it as much as I do and that those of you who are reading a feed of this post will visit the website to have a look for yourselves.

The clunky bookmarking buttons (which sadly did not work as well as I'd hoped) are gone and have been replaced by a lovely, sleek drop-down.  Hover your mouse curser over the button labelled "Bookmark" at the end of each post and you will see what I mean.

The photo behind the title banner is one of my favourites.  You can see the original photo here.

Oh, and a picture of the haircut is coming soon...


GF said...

Love the new layout, very clean indeed and the title picture / logo is great and the colours work well...

...yes you made me come out of hiding from behing my RSS Feed Reader!!

Margaret said...

March ... Spring ... Great time for a new look!

What a coincidence?! I also just got a new hair style this month. I now have blue hair! Surprisingly lots of compliments from my friends & colleagues. :-)

Rena said...

Hehe! Thanks for the comments folks!

I am pleased with the way both the blog and the hair have turned out. I will get round to putting an updated photo on the blog soon.

And as for you, Margaret - I can't wait to see this blue hair! Really funky!