Monday, April 14, 2008

Beating the bugs

I think we are all gradually beating those bugs!  Poor Jocey caught my nasty cold and ran quite a high fever on Thursday night so couldn't go to nursery on Friday.  I had to take the day off work to look after her.

I had lost my voice on Thursday and was feeling pretty rough (if I am honest) so slept most of Friday with Jocey.  We both felt better for it.  Today, Jocey seemed much better and hasn't had a fever.

We all went swimming today as everyone was keen to get out of the house.  When we came home in the afternoon, we were all completely exhausted so I suspect that none of us is 100% better yet.  Jase and Lauren fell asleep watching TV on the sofa and Jocey and I went to bed for a nap.

I think it did all of us the world of good.  I am hoping this next week will be a bit easier now that we are all on the mend.

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