Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Easter fun

We had a really nice Easter break.  Mum and Dad came down for a long weekend from Thursday to Monday (which they normally can't do due to work) which was fabulous.  Lauren and Jocelyn loved having their grandparents around and got a lot of attention.  We also had a bit of a break; it was fantastic to catch up on sleep before going back to work, as I had suffered weeks with very little sleep in the run up to Easter with the girls being unwell.

Here we are relaxing on the sofa.

Easter 013

This is Mum and Dad with the girls.

Easter 023

We also took Jocey to her first Dim Sum experience at the excellent Royal China in Bayswater.  I still think that it's the best place for dim sum in London and we greatly enjoy going there (see this post and this post).

Here is Lauren with her Gung-Gung and Po-Po, happily tucking into some dumplings.

Easter 025

Lauren had lots to eat and really enjoyed herself.  I still remember the very first time we took her to the Royal China (when she was about 6 months old, the same age as Jocey is now); she was really terrified by the loud noise from everyone in the restaurant talking and wouldn't let me put her down!

Easter 027

Here I am with Jocey, sporting my new haircut.  Jocey wasn't at all bothered by the level of noise!

Easter 029

Daddy and Jocey had hugs together too.

Easter 042

Jase and Charlotte enjoyed their dim sum too.

Easter 034 edit

We had a fun and relaxing weekend.  Just what was needed before returning to work!

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