Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun at the weekend

We've had Jase's parents and Aunty Madge down to stay this last weekend.  They all seemed to be in good spirits and the girls were really excited to see them.

We managed to have a pretty relaxing weekend, with a family day on Saturday and a leisurely breakfast at Balans on Sunday being the highlight of the weekend.  We also managed to have some good food and nice wine, which everyone clearly enjoyed.

Lauren had a bit of a haircut, because recently her fringe has been getting a bit long.  Her hair is now almost long enough for a pony tail.

Home 018

My Lauren is always so full of fun.  She is loving and affectionate.  "Mummy, I love you!" are the best words in the world!  I love it when she comes up to me for cuddles and kisses.

Home 017

Jocey is growing up so fast; every month there's a change in her.  She has such a sunny personality; very little seems to upset her.  Her laughter and her smiles are a constant joy.

Home 014

She is also really affectionate, just like her big sister.  When I get home from work, I get lots of hugs and kisses.  I love it when Jocey reaches up to caress my face; she looks at us with such love that we cannot doubt how she feels about us, even though she can't yet talk.

Home 008

I love being a Mummy!

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