Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Some days

I seem to have caught a nasty cold from either Jase or Jocey. It's nasty because no matter what I do, my nose drips and my face aches.

Today has been hard work because I have been very tired. Poor Lauren had a toilet training accident whilst we were out shopping (I foolishly thought we would be fine as we were only popping round the corner to our local Chinese supermarket and I had made her go before we left) which led to a fair amount of stress; I had to put her in the bath when we got home and completely change her clothes, including socks. I suppose I should be grateful that the shoes were unscathed.

Later, we went down to the Park Club to have lunch. Lauren had a great time playing after lunch but became quite tired by about 3pm. Unfortunately, she becomes really naughty and stubborn when she's tired these days so I had quite a job getting her back to the car and then back home.

She napped on the sofa when we got back and went to bed early after an early dinner tonight.

To add to all the stress today, our neighbours were broken into over night last night. They didn't take much and were clearly looking for cash. The Police have been round to our house but unfortunately I hadn't seen or heard anything as I was exhausted from getting up for both Jocey and Lauren in the night.

I find that since going back to work my home life seems to be dominated by chores. I spend every evening getting everything ready for girls in the morning so that we can make a quick escape. Any spare time seems to be spent doing dishes, washing clothes, folding laundry or tidying up. Sunday is spent cooking dinners (and lunches as we are trying to save a bit of money by not going to the canteen) for the next week so that we can have our meals as soon as we get home from work. We find that if the babes aren't in bed by 8pm, they are very grumpy in the morning when we have to get them up and that in itself is very stressful.

I'm sure I haven't got the work-life balance thing right and am worried that the girls aren't having a nice time either. However, I feel like a hamster in an exercise wheel at the moment; there's no getting off.

I can only hope that as time goes on and I get a bit slicker with things that it will all get a bit easier and that we will all be a bit less grumpy.


Lisa said...

I just wanted to send some sympathy (I'd send ((hugs)) but am not the huggy sort - so have a manly pat on the virtual back and a nice cup of virtual tea). It is really hard - I struggle, and feel like I am doing endless chores, and I only work a couple of hours a day from home!
Am sure it will fall into place soon enough and soon you will be on top of it all with routines and easy dinners.

Rena said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for the lovely words of moral support - they are much appreciated.

I don't know - I think it's probably human nature but there just seem to be days when everything seems rubbish and you just can't seem to do anything right!

Maybe you're right - maybe I just need another cuppa. Get the kettle on Jase!!