Wednesday, May 07, 2008

"That's my Tony!"

The weekend before last we had the first day with warm sunny weather this year.  We finally felt that we had thrown off the shackles of winter and we decided to make the most of the good weather.

On Saturday morning, we made an effort to get up early and went to Brent Cross to get Lauren a new pair of shoes.  She had been saying that her old shoes were "ouch" and I had suspected that they were too small for her as she had grown so much this winter.

Surprisingly, Brent Cross was not as chaotic as we had expected and we spent a pleasant morning shopping until the girls got bored. 

Lauren's new shoes

Lauren loved her new shoes and immediately put them on.  We stopped to have a leisurely lunch at Wagamama's before heading home.

It was a glorious afternoon and we felt that it would be a terrible shame to waste it, so we headed to Ravenscourt Park almost immediately.  After feeding the ducks, we headed off for ice cream.

Park 003

Lauren really loved her ice cream. We even got to share a little with her (well, all except Jocey)!

Jocey also had a good time in the sunshine and enjoyed playing with her feet.

Park 011

Mummy and her girls enjoying hugs together.

Park 015

Daddy gets hugs but not to "share" Lauren's ice cream...

Park 029

After Lauren had played on the climbing frame, we went to the sand pit to try out her new bucket and spade.  Jocey got a lift on Mummy's shoulders.

Park 044

To our surprise, we bumped into her little friend Tony from her old nursery at Hammersmith. He was there with his parents and his new baby brother Sam.

Park 050

After about a minute of initial shyness, the two of them were having a fantastic time playing together. It was lovely to see Lauren so happy. She clearly misses her Tony.

We managed to swap telephone numbers with Tony and his mum. We hope that they will want to meet up to let Tony and Lauren play again. Poor Lauren was so sad in the car on the way home. She wanted her Tony back!

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