Sunday, June 29, 2008

Flying visit

At the beginning of June Mum and Dad paid us a flying visit.  I haven't had the chance to blog about it as we've been so busy in the week before the holiday and this week after our holiday.

It was mum and dad's last planned visit before the arrival of Jason and Charlotte's baby (due sometime on the next two weeks) but as their holiday time is scarce it was just a weekend away for them.

Lauren and Jocey loved seeing their grandparents as usual.  They miss them when they are not here.

Home 005

Jocey also showed them her new trick - clapping!

Home 007

Whilst they were here, mum and dad went to visit Jase and Charlotte to check out their new nursery.  I am told that everything is now ready for the anticipated new arrival!

Unfortunately, as with all weekend visits it came to an end all too soon and we went to have dinner with mum and dad near the airport before seeing them off.  The girls put on their pretty dresses to go out.

Home 021

They looked lovely!

We had a good meal; however, after the meal both Charlotte and I became ill overnight.  I am not sure if it was food poisoning or just bad luck (as Jocey had been unwell that weekend as well), but I quickly realised that perhaps I have been overdoing things lately.

I was also ill on holiday (to make matters worse - more about that later) so I think I must have been terribly run down.  It's been quite hard to find the right balance in my new role; I suspect I am just working too much and staying late too often.

Maybe when I've settled into my role a bit more and have found my niche things will get better.  However, in the meantime, I have learnt my lesson and am now more wary of getting so tired and run down.  I have always found delegating difficult but I think now more than ever I need to allow others to do things for me.

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