Saturday, June 07, 2008

Grandma's Happy Birthday

Last weekend, we all went up to York to see Suzanne on her birthday.  They were really looking forward to our visit because life has been a bit upside down for them lately.

They were away on holiday in Majorca (unfortunately, I understand that it rained the whole time they were there) and came home to find that they had been burgled.  The thieves had smashed their way into the house and stolen various ornaments and other precious items.

Whilst things can always be replaced from the insurance, some objects had little monetary value but high sentimental value.  Suzanne had been keeping some family jewellery for the girls to inherit, but unfortunately much of that was stolen.  Also, Jason's grandfather's MBE was stolen.

Fortunately, they had not vandalised the house.

We had been warned that the weekend might be miserable (like the Bank holiday weekend was) and so I packed Lauren's wellies just in case.

We set off from London on Friday evening and got to York just before nightfall.  We were tired but happy to have arrived.

On the Saturday morning, we all woke up to find an absolutely glorious morning outside.  We were all delighted!  After breakfast, Lauren and Jocelyn spent some time outside in Grandma's garden, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

It was so warm we even had lunch outside in the garden.  A first for this year!

Our budding amateur photographer Lauren took several snaps with my camera phone.  Here's Mummy and Jocey in Grandma's sitting room.

York 001

York 002

Here's Grandma, playing with the girls.

York 005

York 010

Here's Granddad and Daddy, doing something on the new computer.

York 008

After a very relaxing afternoon and a snooze for the girls, we enjoyed some drinks and snacks outside with some of Suzanne and Peter's friends before heading back indoors for a lovely birthday dinner.  We all had a wonderful time and the girls even went to sleep later on without any fuss.

All too soon we had to head home.  We set out after Sunday lunch but sadly got stuck in traffic on the M1 coming home.  We eventually got back to London after 5½ hours.  The girls were really fed up and we were really tired.  unfortunately, we had caught the tail end of the half term holiday traffic going back to London.

On Monday, it was back to work and back to nursery for everyone.  I think we were all still exhausted from the marathon car journey because on Tuesday when I had the girls at home, they did not want to do anything at all and slept most of the day in turns.  It was raining heavily on Tuesday, so perhaps it was for the best.

Yesterday, I got a phone call from the nursery in the afternoon to say that Jocey was running a high fever.  The nursery staff told me that she had been grumpy and had been crying from lunchtime onwards, which is very out of character for her.  I took her home.

I'm not 100% sure what the problem is but I suspect she has a virus because she has a runny nose this morning.  She still has the temperature (both last night and today) but is good in between so hopefully it will all get better soon.  I've had to stay off work today to look after her.

Jase phoned me at lunchtime to say he wasn't feeling well either.

I think we are all exhausted and badly need that holiday in Dorset!

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