Friday, July 18, 2008

Car Jinx 2

We've had really bad luck with cars this year.  It all started in January when we had to take both cars into Kwik Fit on consecutive days with faults.  We had thought that that episode was the end of it but unfortunately we were wrong.

Jase (through no fault of his own) was involved in a nasty accident a fortnight ago and his car was written off.  Luckily he and the girls escaped serious harm, although initially I was worried as Lauren had some seatbelt bruising on the side of her neck.  However, she was fine after some Calpol so I was less concerned after that.

Bizarrely, on the very next day Jase was taking us all to nursery / work when my car developed a flat tyre.  He had to change it by the roadside and limp on the spare tyre to a Kwik Fit in Hounslow.  Astonishingly, we ended up having to get 3 new tyres to replace the flat and the other two which had not been affected by the blow-out back in January.  All the tyres had been developing large cracks in them which would have caused them to eventually blow.

Sadly, all this has meant that we've had to replace Jase's car ahead of time.  After the starter motor was replaced, we had hoped that we would get another year's use out of the car at least.

As you can see from the photos though, the damage to Jase's car was too extensive and would have cost about £3000 to repair.  The insurance people have therefore written off the car and have given us £700 for the wreck.

This does not get you very far when buying a replacement.  We've had to get some money from the bank and from family to buy a new car, as Jase needs a car to commute to work.

After a lot of research, we've decided to buy a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, a 7 seater people carrier.  It's had really good reviews from car magazines and is the greenest car in its class.  The one we've bought is dark blue like the one in this picture.

C4 Grand Picasso

Initially I was quite intimidated by its size as close up it looks absolutely massive.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that despite being a big car it handled and accelerated well during the test drive and was comfortable, even in the third row of seats.

We pick up the new car this Saturday and we are all very excited!

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