Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm an Auntie!

I've been itching to report that I've become an auntie!  My sister-in-law Charlotte gave birth to a big bouncing baby boy (9lb 6oz) on Friday morning.  Both mum and baby are fine, although poor Charlotte is understandably still recovering from a marathon labour.

They've called the baby George, and here is a picture I took of him when I went to see them on Saturday.  He's so laid back - just like my brother!  Isn't he gorgeous?!

George 001

We can't wait to see them at home tomorrow.  Lauren is so excited; she already knows his name and was able to tell me who he was when I showed her his picture again today.  However, she doesn't quite understand the idea of a "cousin"; she kept asking me if he was her brother!!

Now that the happy parents have shared their news with the family I can finally publish this post.  Hurray!

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