Thursday, July 17, 2008

More climbing frame fun

Last week, I took Lauren and Jocey to Bramley's on my day off as the weathermen had forecast rain for most of the day.  We braved the buses and tube trains again, much to Lauren and Jocey's delight.

When we got there, Lauren instantly disappeared for several minutes into the depths of the climbing frame, and even found some little girls to play with.  She really enjoyed following them around and crawling in and out of the giant tubes with them.

Bramleys 002

Since our last visit, Jocelyn has learned to crawl and to stand up so even she was having fun in the soft play area exploring the different toys.

Bramleys 003

They both had lots of fun playing but after a while got quite grumpy and wanted to eat.  I ordered some cod goujons for her with chips and baked beans whilst I had a chicken burger with salad.

To my surprise, Lauren took an interest in the baked beans by dipping her chips into the sauce (although she wasn't too keen to eat the actual beans).  For a long time, Lauren had not been too keen on tomato sauces, thus my surprise.  I was even more surprised to find that she then wanted to try dipping her chips into my tomato ketchup, and that she liked it. 

Bramleys 004

Despite my best efforts though, she was not interested in the fish but did end up eating most of the chicken from my chicken burger.  I was left to hoover up the scraps she didn't eat!

I suspect we will go more when the weather takes a turn for the worse in the autumn and winter.  It was a fun day out for us all, even if we were all knackered when we got home.

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