Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Sun, swimming pool and sand

It's been a glorious sunny day today; odd, because the forecast was only for 25 degrees Celsius but it felt a lot hotter than this out and about.

The girls and I have had a good day.  We met up with some of my friends this morning for coffee in Chiswick.  I was very proud of Lauren and Jocey - they were well behaved and only got restless after about an hour.  I then had to bale out and say my goodbyes to let Lauren run about in the Park Club.

She loves going to the Park Club.  We were there at the weekend with Jason and Charlotte; they've just joined the club because they were also really impressed with its facilities and activities for children.  Charlotte is almost at full term now in her pregnancy but hopefully will be able to manage a few lazy days by the outdoor pool before the baby comes.

I tried taking some pictures of the girls in the swimming pool when we went on Sunday.  I did manage to get some lovely ones of Lauren with Jase.

Park Club 003

Here is Lauren splashing!

Park Club 006

However, it wasn't long before I got told off by the lifeguard who told me that there was a no camera policy in the pool, even though I was taking pictures of my own daughter and no one else was in shot (or even close!).

When he went off for a drink, I tried to take some of Jocey but the poor girl was not happy in the pool and cried on the photos.  I wasn't able to get in the pool on Sunday because I was on call for my department and I didn't want to be in the pool if I got called by work.  I think she wasn't used to the fact that I wasn't in with her.

Today, we followed our usual Tuesday ritual of going to play in the large sand pit at the Park Club, which the girls greatly enjoy.

Park Club 001

Both Lauren and Jocey spent quite some time building and destroying sand castles, making sand "cakes" for me to eat and digging holes.

Park Club 004

The sun was blazing down and I made sure they had plenty of sun cream on; however, getting them to keep their hats on was a bit more challenging!

After lunch Lauren and I went to play on the climbing frame whilst Jocey had a snooze in the shade.  Whilst we were there Lauren made friends with a little girl called Sophia, who was there with her nanny (her mum appeared to be somewhere in the club but doing other things - at one point the nanny pointed the mummy out somewhere in the distance).

Sophia was five and very keen to show Lauren how to do everything.  She encouraged Lauren to go on the big slide, the swings, the trampoline thingy and they even tackled the assault course together.  Lauren had lots of fun and talked to Sophia quite a lot.  By four o'clock though, Lauren was getting tired and I had to take her home.  Sophia was really sad to see her go, but I told her and her nanny that we would be back there next Tuesday (and indeed most Tuesdays).

Do children grow up lonelier these days?  I remember as a child playing with our neighbours' children on the street and being allowed to go by myself to friends' houses even if their houses were several streets away.  Obviously, I wouldn't let my children do this, even if they were a bit older - not in London anyway.

Maybe it's not only our children; I have found it harder to keep up with friends whilst living in London as everywhere is so difficult to get to and life is so frantic. 

Strange that you can feel alone even when every minute of the day you are surrounded by people.

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