Saturday, September 20, 2008

Germ warfare

I've had to take the day off work today because Lauren and Jocey have been ill with colds this week.  The schools have gone back and I am sure that this is a factor.  Both girls came home on Monday with the sniffles which quickly developed into nasty coughs, sore throats and fevers.  It seems to be going round at work too and although I have been fine, I think Jase is about to get it too.

They called me from nursery on Wednesday mid morning to say that Lauren had a fever of 39 and was vomiting.  Unfortunately, I was the only boss in at work on the day so had to bring Lauren back to my work.  She took some Calpol and some milk and went to sleep in my office without any fuss.  At least when she woke up she was much perkier.  She even liked meeting some of my work colleagues and watching the ambulances pull up.

Yesterday, Jase took the day off work to look after the girls so today it is my turn to stay home.  Lauren has recovered but now Jocey has become unwell with the same thing.

However, despite the fever and the cold, she is in pretty good spirits.  She has been playing and eating as she should, so I am less concerned.  Here she is playing at home with me.

Home 003

Here is Jocey giving her Eebee a big hug.

Home 005

Eebee came back from Chicago with us as a birthday present from her Gung Gung and Po Po.  She absolutely adores him! 

Home 004

He reminds me of the Fraggles - do you remember them?

The Fraggles of Fraggle Rock

I think he's actually quite cute, even if Jase is not sure.  Jocey chose him; she was absolutely besotted with him from the moment she clapped eyes on him in the shop.

At the moment, she is having a nap and I am sure that the sleep will do her good.

More on the trip to Chicago and all the rest of the news when I get a moment to draw breath.  I feel as if I am being carried along in a hurricane, tossed about from one spot to another.  Always so little time!

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