Monday, September 29, 2008

Trip to Chicago: Part II, The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

High time I actually talked about the wedding.

We were all getting a bit worried as the weekend of the wedding got closer as Hube and Bonnie still had quite a lot of organising to do before the big day. There was a lot of last minute rushing about behind the scenes! However, we were all determined that things should try to go as smoothly as possible, so we headed out to the rehearsal on Saturday full of expectation.

The priest's assistants were very helpful and talked and walked us through quite a complicated rehearsal. As someone who had never been to a Catholic wedding before, I was interested to see all the ceremony and intricacies that make up a Catholic service. I was hoping by the end of it that we would all remember what we had to do. My particular worry was that Lauren wouldn't manage to walk down the aisle in her role as the flower girl if she was too nervous or too tired; young children are so unpredictable!

After the rehearsal, we all headed out to an Italian restaurant called Maggiano's near my Great Uncle's house for the rehearsal dinner. The family had hired out a private room downstairs in the restaurant for the dinner, complete with its own bar. Here are my parents with our extended family.

Rehearsal Dinner 017

Here we are at our table with my parents, Hubert and Bonnie, Aunt Kitty and cousin Monica.

Rehearsal Dinner 019

The meal was fantastic; it was American Italian food and was full of flavour. We all had a great time and we managed to spend some time talking to our extended family. I hadn't seen my Uncle or my cousin Deanna since 1997, so it was really fabulous to see them there.

Lauren and Jocey loved it; they got cuddles with so many different people and were generally fussed over. Lauren got a Dora backpack from Hube and Bonnie as a thank you present. She immediately wanted to put it on and go exploring, just like Dora!

Rehearsal Dinner 024

Here's Jocey with mum and looking at Great Uncle Larry.

Rehearsal Dinner 025

Here I am with mum and the girls, at the end of the meal.

Rehearsal Dinner 027

After the meal, the girls were tired out because they had missed out their lunchtime nap; we headed off back to the hotel so that the girls could sleep. I wasn't sure how they would manage on the wedding day but was hopeful that if I got them down for a nap at lunchtime that they would last until the evening.

After such a big lunch, everyone had a quiet evening and we had dinner on our own at the next door Longhorn Steakhouse that night.

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