Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Glory

I heard on the radio on the way home tonight that the temperature will fall to -3 degrees C.  It might even snow.  I supposed I shouldn't be surprised as it is the end of October now, the clocks have gone back and the nights are drawing in.  Winter is well on the way.

However, over the last few weeks we have enjoyed the last of the autumn sunshine.  We've had a few glorious weekends with sunshine where we ventured out to the park for fun and frolics.  There was no mistaking it for summer, though; despite the sun there was a definite chill in the air.

Oct Park 068

The trees have been a riot of colour; when we went down to Ravenscourt Park a few weekends ago I took some great photos.

Oct Park 040

It was breathtaking.  I can understand why Jase loves autumn so much.

Oct Park 042

Lauren and Jocey have both had fun with all these trips to the parks.  Ironically, Lauren isn't interested in anything but the swings after overcoming her fear of them. 

Oct Park 017

She's tried out several ones over the last few weekends.

Oct Park 013

She seemed to especially enjoy this tyre swing at Ravenscourt Park and went on it twice whilst we were at the park.

Oct Park 037

This includes revisiting the very first swing she ever went on.  Below is one of the pictures I took at the time of Lauren on that same swing two and a half years ago.

Park 2

This time she didn't need my handbag behind her to prop her up!

Oct Park 030

I can't believe how quickly she has grown up.  I've blinked and suddenly she's gone from a baby into a swing-obsessed three year old.

After the obligatory visit to the swings, we laid out our picnic rug under the trees to enjoy the sunshine.  Despite the credit crunch, our rapidly shrinking savings and the daily collapse of banks all over the world, we decided to push the boat out and get some ice creams.

Oct Park 045

I think most people are being similarly cautious with their money at the moment.  However, life is not worth living if you can't have the occasional treat every now and then.

Oct Park 060

I suspect it will be a while before we are enjoying the sunshine like this again.  Today, we went to the park but it was so cold despite the sunshine that the girls were keen to come home after only half an hour.  My girls dislike the cold and I can't say I blame them - I'm afraid I'm not a fan either.  I'd much rather a warm climate!

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