Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday weekend

Daddy turned 36 two weekends ago and Jase's parents and Aunty Madge came to visit.  They were all in good spirits and had some exciting news for us.  Suzanne was recently contacted by her birth family and found out (much to her surprise) that she had a brother and sisters that she had never known about.  She brought some old family photos and her newly discovered family tree for us all to see.  It was all very exciting and I hope that her meeting with them goes well (this coming weekend I think).

Lauren and Jocey were really pleased to see them and went to the park with them on the Saturday whilst I was constructing Daddy's chocolate birthday cake (with chocolate sprinkles, of course).  Unfortunately, I seem to have forgotten to take any photos of the finished article; however, I was very proud of it and it did taste good.

Park Grandparents 026Despite the cold and the wind, they all had a fun time.  Lauren even tried out the roundabout and the newly mended climbing frame.  She loves sliding down the slide backwards!

Park Grandparents 020

Jocey also had fun, but did seem a bit tired because of her cold.

Park Grandparents 029

On the Sunday, Lauren and I were invited to her friend Lorenzo's birthday party at a place called Eddie Catz in Putney.  We arrived quite early because I had been afraid that the traffic in Fulham would be terrible and so had left early.  I worked at Charing Cross Hospital on the Fulham Palace Road in 2005 and had spent many a time stuck in a traffic jam around the hospital so was wary of the area.

Party 003

Lauren was a little shy initially but quickly got over this as she saw more and more people she knew.  She spent the whole time playing with her friend Cameron and they both had a wonderful time going up and down the climbing frames and slides and playing with all the toys at Eddie Catz.

Party 008

Lorenzo and his parents clearly enjoyed the party too.  When the children sat down for their meal, I had a brief opportunity to chat to his mummy Natalia; we talked a lot about the nursery and how our children are currently finding their move to the big room.

Soon it was time for the children to tuck into Lorenzo's gorgeous chocolate cake and for the grown ups to try out the other yummy cakes brought by Lorenzo's mummy and daddy.

Party 010

I don't think any of the children wanted to leave at the end of the party, but I had to take Lauren home because I could tell that she was really tired.  We both had a really fantastic time.

That evening, the family went out to eat at a local gastropub, the Princess Victoria.  Despite having won an award from London's Time Out magazine, we admitted at the end of the meal that we had been a tad disappointed.  The food had the potential to be stunning and we found the starters and the dessert to be fab, but the main courses were not quite right.  Both Jase and I had ordered the beef with Yorkshire puddings to find that although the beef was good, the Yorkshires were rock hard.  I am hoping that the next time we go, the food will be better.

A busy weekend, but lots of fun was had.

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