Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cupcake fun!

There are days when I am utterly amazed that I make it out of bed at all.

For what seems like months on end now, I have had very little sleep because both girls have been quite troublesome at night.  Lauren is currently refusing to sleep in her own bed in her bedroom, so is camping out on her mattress in our room.  Jocey has had the cold for weeks and has been waking up several times in the night every night.  Inevitably, she wakes up Lauren at some point in the night too.

Between the two of them, I have been struggling along on a few hours of sleep every night (and of course going to work and dealing with the daily whirlwind-that-is-work too).  It's been so bad that I have had a series of migraines lately after having been migraine free for ages.

I've been aware that I have been feeling really rather down as a result of this chronic lack of sleep, so felt that I should make every effort this afternoon to attend a "SuperMummy event" hosted by Mini-et-Moi at a Mummy spa in Wandsworth called Cupcake.

I had been invited as a Blogging Mummy by the organisers - I was really chuffed by this.  I convinced another hard working mummy from work, Emma, to come too.  I wasn't quite brave enough to face all those "yummy mummies" by myself!

I turned up just on time to find Emma waiting in her car for me.  She had left her two with her in-laws as the children were being taken to see a show.  I had managed to bundle Lauren and Jocey into the car after a morning at the park and trying to get them to eat their lunches with as much sense of urgency as I could.  Of course, I had failed miserably and Lauren had taken her lunch at her usual snail's pace.  Jocey was tired and grumpy at not being able to sleep after the park so was not her usual cheerful self either.

After successfully laddering my tights whilst trying to change into something vaguely presentable and failing to get the sat nav to work on the first attempt, I was slightly flustered on arrival.

However, all this was forgotten when we got into the spa.  It was lovely, and the concept is a really good one - it has a crèche and organises fun things for the children to do to allow hassled and busy mums some time for a much needed pampering.  Emma and I laughed about the possibility of leg waxing at some point in the distant future when our lives were less mad.

Although we stuck to the non-alcoholic drinks and didn't take any of the champagne that was on offer, we still had a good time.  Lauren and Jocey wouldn't play in the crèche because they were tired and grumpy, so stayed with me and ate rice cake snacks, which they both really enjoyed.  Emma and I watched the demonstrations with interest, though we were both deeply suspicious of the personal shopper service when seriously heavy weight designer items were brought to the fore.  No price tags always equals trouble in my experience!

At the end of the afternoon, we had the chance to briefly have a look around and eat the remaining pink cupcake on offer.  It was very good, and a taste of the good life in general.

Although Cupcake is too far away for us to use its facilities, we had a fun afternoon and I think that the idea is a good one.  You do feel frazzled and worn down by every day life as a mum and opportunities to look after yourself are rare.  I was amazed by the number of the glamorous looking mums there with their equally glamorous offspring in tow.  However (as I said to Emma at the time), I figured out some time ago that I was never going to be "perfect" so had stopped beating myself up about it.

In spite of all the odds, I got out of bed and did something fun today with my girls.  That has got to be an achievement in itself.

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