Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Fun with Amanda

It rained almost all day today.  It was so miserable that none of us really wanted to get up, never mind leave the house.  Lauren had crawled into bed with me during the night, as she has done for about two weeks now.  I'm not sure why she's doing this but clearly on some level she feels that she needs extra reassurance at the moment.

The three of us were able to have a bit of a lie-in as it was my day off from work and Jase managed to leave for work in the morning without slamming the door.  However, we were all eventually woken up by Jocey who just did not want to stay asleep anymore.  Lauren and I were not impressed.

After breakfast, the girls played for a bit before Jocey got grumpy and fractious; it became obvious that she wanted to go back to bed.  After a bottle of milk, we didn't hear another peep from her for another three hours.

I felt a bit guilty that Lauren had missed out on the opportunity to go out in the morning and early afternoon because of the weather and Jocey going off to sleep.  However, Jocey was clearly very tired so I didn't want to wake her.  I did an Internet search for some ideas of activities we could do when Jocey finally got up.

Previously at Happy Times in Hammersmith, she had enjoyed Amanda's Action Kids, which were fun Music and Movement type classes.  I'm not sure if she has these now at the Richmond nursery so I decided to look on their website as I vaguely remembered that they ran some classes in Chiswick.  I was pleased to find that there was a Tuesday afternoon class available at the Riverside Health and Racquets Club and that I didn't need to be a member, just to pay at the door.

It's always interesting to look around health clubs.  I must admit that I was really impressed by the Riverside; it had a clean, contemporary look and seemed to have really great facilities.  Judging by the number of parents with young children there, it also appeared really family oriented, like our own Park Club.

We had a superb time.  Although Lauren and Jocey were a bit fazed at first, they soon got over their shyness and uncertainty and joined in.  It wasn't long before they were shaking rattles, singing and dancing with the other children there.

I will definitely remember that option for a future rainy day.

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