Monday, October 06, 2008

New for old

This weekend I have been playing with technology.  Jase installed Windows Vista on my machine and now everything looks so gorgeous!


I am having a play with it to get used to all the new ways of doing things.  It's like having a brand new computer all over again!

On Saturday, I also updated the software running inside my smartphone.  I bought a Blackberry Curve in June and now it is my pride and joy.  I couldn't do without it, but have found the lack of video capabilities annoying.  So imagine my surprise and delight when I found that upgrading the software has added video options to my phone!  I had to try it out just to make sure it worked and am pleased to report that it did.

I will be looking forward to taking little snippets of video footage whenever I have a moment I want to keep for posterity!

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Mini-et-Moi said...

Thanks for linking to I've had a look around your blog and it looks great. I loved your posts about Chicago - we lived there for 2 years. What a great city! Anyway, I'll be back (to your blog, if not Chicago).