Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor health

We've all been ill again this weekend.  I had to pick up Lauren early from nursery because she had a bad cold and was running a high fever.  She was ill the entire weekend and gave the bug to Jocey, who has been grumpier than usual with it.  They seem to be constantly unwell at the moment with one bug after another.  Jase also managed to give me his tummy bug from earlier on in the week so I had a miserable weekend too.

I think this year we've been ill much more often than in previous years and I am sure that this is because we are all really tired.  I am still getting up several times in the night (especially now that the girls aren't feeling well) and generally don't get enough sleep.  Coupled with getting up early for work and long days, we are just about surviving and no more.

I hope we can look forward to something better than this in the future because this current situation is not a life at all.

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