Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snakes and Ladders

On Tuesday, we had more rain so all thoughts of going to the park were quickly abandoned. We had been to Bramley's in the past on a rainy day but I just didn't want to go on public transport on that day. After a little bit of research, I decided to take the girls to another soft play indoor playground in Brentford, actually on the grounds of Syon Park where Jason and Charlotte had their wedding.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to park and although a bit of a walk from the car park, Snakes and Ladders was a lot of fun. It was much bigger than I expected, with a three storey climbing frame for the bigger kids.

Syon Park 027

It cost £9.50 for all of us to get in and we had an hour of Amanda's Action Kids for free whilst we were there. It was definitely much better value for money than my last time with Amanda (although of course the Riverside is a wonderful location). Lauren became really shy during the Amanda session and refused to participate, even though Jocey was enjoying it. I really don't know why she was so self conscious. Half way through, she lost interest and wanted to play on the climbing frame.

Syon Park 013

Both Lauren and Jocey had a fabulous time, especially on the slides and bouncy castles. I was really quite surprised at how much Jocey has come on in terms of what she can do physically. She got a lot more out of it than I expected.

Syon Park 014

Best of all it was fantastic to watch them playing together. Lauren had a great time sliding into this ball pit and tumbling into the balls.

Syon Park 017

Jocey loved watching her do this; she just laughed and laughed.

We had a good lunch there too. As usual, Jocey demolished her food and then proceeded to "investigate" Lauren's food. I couldn't help laughing when Jocey slyly helped herself to some of Lauren's chips.

Syon Park 021

To be fair, when Lauren found out what was happening she did graciously share her food with Jocey. It makes me so happy that they play and share.

It was mid afternoon before they agreed to go home. After all the exertion, they both fell asleep on the journey back but they clearly had a great time. We'll definitely go again. Even though Bramley's is closer, I do find going by car easier than going on public transport with the two children. I know that's not very eco-friendly, but we can all only do the best we can.

There are more photos from our day out on my Flickr album here.

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