Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Debriefing the debrief

I have spent the last three days (yes, all weekend...poor Jase entertained the girls all that time on his own without complaint) up to my eyeballs in educational theory and learning how to encourage people to learn through simulation.

Essentially, this involved playing with adult sized, highly sophisticated medical "dolls" which were programmed to suffer from all sorts of nasty conditions.  I worked with a fantastic bunch of people all weekend to come to the rescue of these dolls to save them time and time again from certain death.

After each session, we learned to debrief each other to bring out learning points for the whole group.  We then had our debrief debriefed in turn.  It has been hard work, at times stressful but in the end a lot of fun.

Playing with dolls is serious stuff.  I'm sure Lauren agrees with me.

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