Monday, December 15, 2008

Road to recovery

The household has gradually been getting back to normal following our week of illness.  Even Jocey, who seems the slowest of us to recover, seems to be getting there now and hasn't run a fever today.  She still isn't eating like she normally would, but I am hoping that she too is on the road to recovery.

Lauren has had a good weekend as her tummy medicines kicked in.  Last week, she was vomiting whilst she was unwell, and had difficulty getting her appetite back.  She has become really skinny due to being repeatedly ill since the summer so we have been really worried about her.  Even Jocey, who is normally a good eater seems to have slowed down in terms of growth as she has been unwell so often this winter.

On Saturday, I took Lauren to a birthday party in Kingston.  It was the party of one of her friends from her old room at nursery, the infamous James.  Whilst she was in the 2-3 year old room, there was a time when she would often come home and say that "James did it" for various ailments, bumps and bruises!  I was never sure if there was always truth in the matter (one time Lauren complained of a sore neck and said that James had done it.  When I examined her neck I found a really large gland there which must have come up whilst she had had a sore throat; I am sure that that was the cause of her discomfort, not James!).  Thus I was a little surprised that Lauren was invited to the party.

However, they must have got over their previous differences as they seemed quite happy to play at the party.  James's parents were lovely and really welcoming.  The party was a lot of fun and Amanda's Action Kids were on hand to provide the entertainment.

When the cake came, it was spectacular.  It was an African theme with animals of the savanna on top.  There was a zebra, a giraffe, an elephant, a lion and I think a monkey.  James's dad told us that it had been really difficult keeping the cake a secret from James because the giraffe's neck was so long that a hole had had to be cut in the box to accommodate the head.  With the head sticking out, they had had an interesting time trying to stop James from destroying it before the party.

Party 001

As soon as the candles were out, James proceeded to take the animals off the cake and eat them!

Lauren had great fun and for the first time seemed to enjoy taking part in Amanda more, even though she (and a few others) were terribly shy to begin with.

Party 007

Here she is enjoying a bit of cake.

Last weekend, before we all became ill, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Snakes and Ladders, where we'd had fun before.  Last week, we also had a flying visit from Suzanne; Lauren and Jocey were really pleased to see their grandma.  I'm hoping she didn't catch our germs!

Syon Park 011

Both Lauren and Jocey had a great time on the climbing frames, slides and swings.

Syon Park 021

Here are two pictures of the girls hugging / wrestling...

Syon Park 032

It's lovely that they are so affectionate with each other!

Syon Park 050

You can see all of the photos from this month on our Flickr site.

Today, I've spent most of the day cooking and getting ready for going back to work next week.  At 10pm, I finally finished all the chores, baking, lunches and dinners for next week.  No wonder I got so run down and got floored by the flu last week.  Even my weekends aren't much of a break!

I've decided that I must be more careful with things and take more rest so as not to get so run down again.  It's horrible being unwell and no good for the family either.

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Sarah said...

Hi! So sorry you've all been sick - hope you really are on the mend. Sounds like you need a proper break - any chance? Take care, Sarah