Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family portraits

I don't have much time left this evening because I didn't get home from work until late, so I will talk about the festive period more tomorrow.
However, we had some professional photos taken of Lauren and Jocey and were thrilled with the result.  The grandparents got the photos framed as their Christmas present and loved them.

Lauren and Jocelyn 1 
Lauren and Jocelyn 2
Lauren and Jocelyn 3
The thing I really love about the photos is that their personalities really come through and the girls looks relaxed and natural.  You can also see how much they adore each other.
I had never really thought that we needed professional photos of the family before but now I can see that they bring something slightly different to the table.  This has been a really positive experience and I would be less hesitant to get more taken in the future.

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