Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun at the weekend

Well, this weekend wasn't the complete washout that the weather men predicted and was actually quite lovely.

The girls have been out to the park today with Daddy whilst I was doing my weekly cooking marathon. We all managed to have a relaxing time despite the chores - something we were needing.

Lauren drew this picture for me this weekend.

Apparently the person in purple just left of centre is me! I think her pictures are fab and getting ever more sophisticated.

Jocey also made progress this weekend and said her first sentence this weekend. On waking up on Saturday morning she was playing in the bed for a little while. She put her Octopus under the covers and said "Beh, Otpu! BeyBey!" (translated from Jocey language as "Bed, Octopus! Bye Bye!").

Love it!

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