Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun with the Grandparents

I’m aware that we haven’t been posting very often recently but here’s an update of the things we’ve been doing over the last three weeks.

At the beginning of April, Jase’s parents and Aunty Madge came to stay.  It was the weekend following my birthday but unfortunately I was on call that week, so wasn’t able to celebrate much.  The girls had a great time as usual seeing their grandparents and Suzanne and Peter did a fantastic job with the garden.  They helped us by tidying and planting up our tubs to bring colour into the garden.

House 011

You can see from the photo that the back garden has really matured from the time when the initial planting was done by our gardener Helen. 

Garden 003

I think that it’s turned out really well, and it has been low maintenance just as she promised us.

The front garden also looks lovely with the window boxes that they planted.

House 013

Our front entrance has really been brightened up and I love the unusual hanging basket.

House 016

After all that hard work, it was decided ice cream was needed and the girls enjoyed theirs hugely!

Home 001

Jocey developed a large ice cream “beard” whilst eating hers but wouldn’t let any of us clean it off!

Home 014

On Sunday, it was good to escape the house for a while to have lunch in Sam’s Brasserie in Chiswick.  We had a great meal there (as always) and the girls had a good time too.  Lauren drew some pictures with Suzanne whilst we were waiting for the food.

Home 028

Jocey (as always) was impatient for her food and ate her toddler food as well as tucking into Mummy’s food later on.

Home 030

The following weekend, my mum and dad came to stay over the long Easter weekend.  We took the opportunity to do further packing, tidying and sprucing up the house before putting it on the market.  The girls had a wonderful time with the grandparents with trips to the park and lots of fun and games.  We also had a bit of a family get-together with Jason, Charlotte and George.

Here are the girls after dinner on Easter Day.  They found Daddy’s medal (for the best 70’s outfit at a work’s night out!) and had great fun putting it on and taking it off.

Home 041

Lauren gave the medal to Jocey for being the first to finish her dinner!

Home 036

By the end of the Easter weekend, we were exhausted but had made really good progress on the house.  The girls were really sad to see the grandparents leave on Easter Monday, especially Jocey, who cried for several minutes and pointed at the door demanding to be taken outside after they had left.  Lauren was sad but seems to be starting to understand that the idea of a visit and that grandparents come back after a while.

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