Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ongoing developments

Jocey has suddenly discovered language.  She seemed much slower to talk than Lauren but over the last three weeks, she has been learning new words at a phenomenal rate.

She has quite a vocabulary now and seems to be adding several new words every day.  For example:

Mame = Mummy

Dada = Daddy

Otpu = Octopus (her favourite soft toy)

Mih = Milk

MehMeh = Dummy (also Lauren’s name for a dummy)

Tuck = Stuck

Noo = No

OoohNooo = Oh No!

AhhGoh = All gone

BehBeh = Bye Bye

SaCho = Sad Choice

The last one in particular had me in stitches.  She is great at mimicking us, as I found out this morning.  I was telling Lauren off for making a mess in her bedroom and I told her that she was “making a sad choice”.  Jocey, who was on the changing mat at the time started saying “SaCho, SaCho, SaCho” over and over again.  I was trying my best to keep a straight face but in the end couldn’t help laughing.

It had the desired effect though.  Lauren tidied up.

In other things though, Jocey was faster to develop than Lauren at a comparable age.  She walked sooner and her ability to understand make-believe is really quite advanced.  Last week, Jocey was playing a feeding game with the “babies” that she had put in the pushchair.   

I am sure that this is through her constant interaction with Lauren, as Lauren was not quite at the same stage with pretend play at the same age.  She copies Lauren a lot (however, this isn’t always a good thing!).  For example, this is Jocey at the park last weekend, swinging from the crossbar over the slide like Lauren does.  Jocey is fearless in everything that she does!

Home 054

Here’s the chief monkey showing the apprentice monkey how it should be done.

Home 067

The girls play well together as Lauren feels that Jocey understands her play.  They clearly adore each other.

Home 059

Jocey is also showing more interest in books now, whereas before she wasn’t really interested.  This was a huge contrast to Lauren, who from an early age loved us reading to her.  However, the feedback that we get from nursery is that Jocey loves music and dancing most of all!

Lauren is also making huge strides in development lately.  Her carers were telling us that she is the best child in her class at writing; they told us that she can consistently write her name in a legible form and they said how impressed they were that she was able to do this.  Her speech and its content is also becoming much more sophisticated.  Both girls seem to be thriving!

I have uploaded all our recent family videos to Jase’s YouTube page.

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