Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Selling our House

Over the last 7-10 days, I have had a mad time entertaining estate agents. Last week, I invited a few agents to view our house and to give us a valuation. Predictably, these ranged from the totally unbelievable to the probably realistic. In the end, after much deliberation, we didn’t go with the agent who gave us the highest valuation, nor the one with the cheapest rate. The agent we chose came armed with lots of facts and figures, didn’t say anything vague or wishy-washy and didn’t promise anything that he knew he couldn’t actually deliver. He was also the only one who said that he wouldn’t be telling us what we wanted to hear but what was realistic.

I have to say that I have not regretted the decision at all. After informing them that they were the successful ones last Wednesday and signing the paperwork on Thursday, I found myself sorted out with a solicitor for the conveyancing work and with a viewing in hand by Friday. By Saturday, we had had another viewing and an offer made on our house. I was bowled over by their efficiency and fast pace.

Since then, we have had two further viewings and all before the details of our house are even fully available. Yesterday, the photographers were in the house taking the pictures and preparing the floorplans and descriptions. This meant that all last weekend, we were packing, moving boxes and furniture out to storage and cleaning the house from top to bottom. We worked like slaves but I can now say that the house looks absolutely amazing.

Even our estate agents were amazed. They kept saying that they couldn’t believe that it could look so good with two children in the house. They told me it was like a show home because it was so well presented. So far, all the feedback from the viewings has been really positive, with people saying how lovely the finish is on our property.

It is hard, hard work. To keep it in top condition means endless tidying and cleaning after the girls have gone to bed and each morning before going to work (and that means getting up earlier to achieve it). It has to be spotless before I leave as I can get phone calls at the last minute to view the property, and there would be no chance to get back to tidy before it.

It is really stressful because it feels that the house is no longer ours, but if we make this sacrifice and we get the house sold for a good price in this market then I will certainly not be complaining. I’m hoping that we can sell our house and move out before the summer so that we can relax a but once that is done.

On a brighter note, today Jase and I treated ourselves by going out for lunch to the lovely La Trompette in Chiswick. We felt that we deserved it after all the hard work on the house that we've put in recently. It was fantastic and we had great food and a wonderful time.

We are keeping everything crossed; our future depends on this sale going through successfully.

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