Saturday, May 30, 2009

James & Sally’s Wedding Photos

The photos that Jason, Julian and I took are uploading to Jase’s Flickr account as I type.

They will end up here.

We have sent James & Sally a disk with them all on today.

Feel free to share the link around.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

String Legacy

My musical career really began aged 6 or 7 when I first encountered the violin.  I remember quite vividly my first Skylark violin; it made quite a squeaky noise and its quality was no doubt the catalyst for many parents prohibiting their offspring from taking their instrumental career any further.

Luckily for me though, my parents persevered with the questionable sound and my string playing eventually led me to playing both violin and viola with orchestras and quartets at school and outside of school.  However, as my singing career became more dominant, my chances of playing became less and less and eventually I stopped playing both instruments and concentrated on the singing.

Recently I brought my instruments (which I’ve had for about 20 odd years) down to London as I wanted the opportunity to pick things back up and show the girls what fun stringed instruments were.  Lauren in particular was fascinated.  However, after a few attempts at playing the instruments, I realised that all those years in storage had affected both the bow and the instrument as the sound didn’t ring quite true.

Last Tuesday, I accidentally found a violin shop in Ealing whilst on a quest to get some sushi.  Sadly, the sushi shop was just closing as I got there so I decided to investigate the violin shop instead.  After a conversation with one of the staff members, I decided to bring my instruments back to the shop this week for examination, a valuation and an overhaul if necessary.


Jocey is getting really talkative now.  We are constantly astounded at her rapid acquisition of new words.  My favourite one is “happeeee!”, which is quite apt considering her sunny personality and her constant smiles.

We’ve had two happy Bank Holiday weekends in the last month.  On the May Day weekend, we went to Woburn Safari Park on the Saturday and on May Day we ventured out to Kensington Gardens to see the Diana Memorial playground.  We hadn’t been before so weren’t quite sure what to expect.  However, we liked the sound of the pirate ship there so made the journey out there.

May Day 01

Monday, May 25, 2009

A South Yorkshire Wedding

Last weekend we went to the wedding of Jason’s oldest friend, James.  They first became friends at the age of 4 when they went into Clifton Prep School in York some 32 years ago.  They, together with their friends Alex and Julian later went to St Peter’s School in York and are still friends now. 

Here’s a picture of the boys together on the day (clockwise from back left – Julian, Jase, James the groom and Alex).

Jackson Wedding (Ayers) 052

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Congratulations to my friends Jill and Mark, who had their third baby at the end of last month!  Baby Stephen arrived three weeks early but both mum and baby are doing well and are at home.  Strange to think that they were only with us back in February, when they got snowed in.

My favourite picture was this one that they sent me, of Emily, Christopher and the new arrival.


Call of the wild

On the Bank Holiday weekend, we decided that we’d done enough tidying and cleaning but hadn’t really had enough fun.  On Saturday, the weather was glorious, so we decided to go to the safari park at Woburn.  The girls were really looking forward to it as we had promised them that we would see lions and elephants in the morning.

After about an hour’s travel, we were at Woburn without too much difficulty.  Unfortunately, the ticketing computer decided to crash when we got to the ticket desk and we spent about 10 minutes waiting for the team to sort us out with tickets.  However, once this was solved, we were in the park.

Woburn 018