Thursday, May 28, 2009


Jocey is getting really talkative now.  We are constantly astounded at her rapid acquisition of new words.  My favourite one is “happeeee!”, which is quite apt considering her sunny personality and her constant smiles.

We’ve had two happy Bank Holiday weekends in the last month.  On the May Day weekend, we went to Woburn Safari Park on the Saturday and on May Day we ventured out to Kensington Gardens to see the Diana Memorial playground.  We hadn’t been before so weren’t quite sure what to expect.  However, we liked the sound of the pirate ship there so made the journey out there.

May Day 01

Understandably, it was pretty busy.  I overheard one parent remark to another that they had thought it would be a good idea to come but shame that everyone else had thought so too.  Despite this, the girls absolutely adored it.

May Day 05

Lauren and Jocey really enjoyed playing on the pirate ship, in the sand pit, on the climbing frames and swings.

May Day 12

It was just a shame that it wasn’t a better day in terms of the weather, as it rained and was overcast.  During the worst of the weather we went to the Royal China for Dim Sum and noodles, so it was a good day for everyone.  By the end of the day, the girls were worn out but had had a brilliant day.  Here’s Jocey having a rest on one of the sheep sculptures; I love this photo!

May Day 32

This Bank Holiday weekend, it was an absolute scorcher.  It really felt like summer was well on its way with glorious sunshine both Saturday and Sunday.  Monday was sadly more overcast but did brighten up later on.

On the Saturday morning, we headed out to Chiswick quite early (well, early for us anyway) to have breakfast as we had a viewing that morning and another one at lunchtime.  Here’s Lauren and Daddy at breakfast.

Balans 081

We love going to Balans for breakfast.  We always get good service and we love the booths which make eating out with the children a bit easier.  Here’s Jocey and me, taken by Lauren.

Balans 079

They have a big outdoor seating area so it wasn’t surprising that they were really busy.  We sat indoors though, so had no problem getting seated.

After breakfast, we headed to a children’s playground in Chiswick to let the girls have a bit of a run around.

Park 002

They loved the new park and had fun exploring the climbing frames and slides.

Park 005

Monday saw more park fun at Ravenscourt Park and also some time in the large sandpit there.  Much to my surprise, Jocey was initially quite scared in the sandpit and wouldn’t put her feet in the sand.  After all the fun that she had had in Lyme Regis, this really surprised me.  We had clearly left it too long.

However, after a while, she came round and was soon helping build and destroy sandcastles with glee.  Later on, they explored the children’s playground as well.

Park 011

The outing was finished off with a trip to Gourmet Burger Kitchen.  We all definitely had a happy time!

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