Monday, May 25, 2009

A South Yorkshire Wedding

Last weekend we went to the wedding of Jason’s oldest friend, James.  They first became friends at the age of 4 when they went into Clifton Prep School in York some 32 years ago.  They, together with their friends Alex and Julian later went to St Peter’s School in York and are still friends now. 

Here’s a picture of the boys together on the day (clockwise from back left – Julian, Jase, James the groom and Alex).

Jackson Wedding (Ayers) 052

James and Sally had a lovely civil ceremony in one of the hotels in central Huddersfield.  They asked Jase to do one of the readings; he was a bit nervous but it all went very well.

It was quite a blustery day in Huddersfield and a mixture of sunshine and showers.  We had both been a bit worried as initially the weather forecast was pretty poor.  However, the sunshine held out long enough for James and Sally to get some lovely pictures outside, so it all worked out well for them.

Here’s one of James and Sally after the ceremony with their mums.

Jackson Wedding 050

Everyone thought that Sally looked fabulous on the day.  She wore a really classic dress and looked both beautiful and radiant.

Jackson Wedding 068

Here we are after the ceremony in front of the hotel.

Jackson Wedding 029

We tucked into a buffet meal later on in the evening and were entertained by the fun speeches.  The happy couple then led the dancing as the DJ got his decks going.  We sadly had to leave after the first dance to get back to the girls, who were at Grandma and Granddad’s house in York, but we both agreed that it had been a lovely day and a great wedding.

We wish James and Sally every happiness in their new life together!

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