Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Days of our lives

I’m pleased to report that Jase has recovered from his brush with swine flu.  He was in quarantine all of last week but after starting Tamiflu made a speedy recovery.

We’ve had the opportunity to deal with approximately 30 years of photographs over the last two weekends as part of our packing and sorting.  We found an excellent company on the internet who take all your old photos and scan them into digital copies.

We sent them approximately 2000 photos from 30 years (unfortunately excluding ones already in photo albums as I had packed these already) and within three days they had scanned them and returned them to us with the photos on a DVD.  Through this method, we were able to save these precious photos from further degradation in quality.

I am so pleased with the result!  We looked through the photos and it brought back so many memories, but frustratingly we also realised how much we’d already forgotten.  I’m hoping these memories will come back when we look at the photos again.

We have begun to build our photo archive here on Flickr.  I will need to get Jase to dig out some of his baby photos the next time we are in York.

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