Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Moving to Richmond

At the end of last week, we finally exchanged contracts on our house and have set a date for moving out!  We were absolutely thrilled to have sold our house in 7 weeks despite the current housing market and additionally to get what we asked for the house.  Our estate agents worked their socks off for us, so all credit to them.

We have had several weekends of sorting and packing, thus the lack of updates online.  We finally finished clearing out the loft this weekend, including all the old carpets that had been stacked up there from the year dot.  Worryingly, some of them had become a good hiding place for moths so they were quickly taken to the tip.  The loft is now gloriously empty; just a shame it wasn’t that way when we moved in ourselves.

It has been really cathartic; we have taken 5 car loads of stuff to the tip and at least 3 car loads to the charity shop.  I couldn’t believe some of the stuff that Jase had hoarded over the years in our loft (we’ve only been in this house since the end of 2004 but there was hoarding going on even before that).

The house is chaos as you can imagine; boxes and stuff everywhere, either waiting for packing or having been packed.

House 017

I find it a bit difficult to relax in the house at the moment because of this and can’t wait for the move to be all over.  However, to be fair, we have done a lot of packing and there isn’t much more to do.

House 018

My job for today has been to find a company to clean our house before we hand it over to the new owners.  Now I know that some people will wonder why we are bothering but I feel that it should be part of moving out and is a courtesy to your buyer.  Our buyers seemed to be really nice people when I met them and have done everything they can to make the exchange a smooth process, which is all the more reason.

Of course, there are also personal reasons for this.  This was our very first house together in Bonaly, Edinburgh which Jase and I bought in our final year of university.  It didn’t always look this lovely though.  This picture was taken when we were preparing to sell it back in 2003.

10 Bonaly Rise 010

We moved into the house in February 1997.  It had been a really cold and grey day and by the time the move was done it was dark.  The previous owner had left the house dirty, had taken everything including the loo roll holders, towel rails and shelves off the walls and left each room with just one 40 watt light bulb (even in the rooms with more than one light fitting).  There was also a pile of discarded odds and ends in the garage which she had not bothered to remove.

I remember sitting in the dark front room at the end of that day feeling exhausted and disappointed because it hadn’t been anything like the home I’d expected to move into.  Contrast this experience with our move into our current house, where the previous owner left us a bottle of champagne and a friendly note explaining how everything worked.  The house had been left tidy, and whilst not super clean, it was still a huge improvement on our experience in Edinburgh.

We take possession of our rental flat in Richmond tomorrow.  I was thrilled when I found it as it is just right for our family’s needs at this time.  It is right in the heart of Richmond so everywhere is within walking distance and it’s a good size being a post-war flat.  I am looking forward to spending Tuesdays and weekends exploring Richmond and Kew; Jase and I are both hoping that it will be less pressured and less hassle than West London, where we’ve been living up to now.  Of course, being closer to work and nursery (it’s about 5 minutes drive from our new flat) will be fantastic too.

We can’t wait!

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