Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Big Fish Tank

We’ve had a number of successful days out from Richmond over the past few weeks.

One weekend at the end of July, we went on the train to Waterloo to the London Aquarium.  We had been promising the girls that we would go to see the “big fish tank” for some time and they were very excited about going.  Even the train journey was lots of fun for them and they kneeled on the seats to look out the windows to point at other passing trains along the way.

We got there relatively early, but despite this there were already hoards of people in central London.  The queue for the London Eye was already massive.  Here’s Daddy and the girls outside the Aquarium.

Home 043

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Lauren’s 4th Birthday

I am slowly catching up with recent events; it has been so hectic that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath.  I can’t believe that two weeks have passed since Lauren’s birthday and that I haven’t been able to blog about it until now.

Mind you, in that time I’ve been to Australia and back, but more about that later.

The birthday girl had known for some time that she was coming up to her fourth birthday and mentioned it quite often.  She talked about the party she was going to have (with all the family there, of course) and the cake that she wanted (chocolate, with Dora the Explorer on it – a bit of a challenge for poor Mummy!).  She was really excited as the day got closer and the family started to arrive.

Peter and Suzanne stayed with us in the flat and my parents stayed in Kingston as the flat isn’t big enough to accommodate both sides of the family at once.  The children were thrilled to see everyone here in our new home.  Both sets of parents have been impressed with our new flat – smaller but perfectly formed, and our new surroundings in lovely Richmond.

We decided to have a big meal out with the whole family on the Saturday night and went into Putney to the original Royal China there.  We had an enjoyable meal even though some aspects of it were not as good as the newer Bayswater one.

Lauren’s fourth birthday was on the Sunday.  Recently, I bought a Cobb barbeque to try out as we only have a small balcony as outdoor space and it is so compact.  We lit the coals and prepared a large birthday feast – this is fast becoming a tradition on her birthday.

Here’s our journey with her in pictures.  This is my beautiful girl on the day she was born, in August 2005.  She was so tiny as she was only 34 weeks and was 4lb 3oz (1.9kg)!

Life in Richmond

I am finally back blogging after a significant break – it may even been the longest period I’ve had where I haven’t blogged.  Swine flu is just a distant memory now – although Jocelyn also caught it (bizarrely, not from Jase) and was quarantined too.

We went offline shortly after my last post because of the house move.  There was a frantic push towards the finish line as the move date edged closer, but we finally managed to get all our stuff ready for long term storage and the house ready to be packed by the removal men.

On the morning of the house move in mid July, the girls got up for the last time in their bedroom.

Home 002

Here they are in their beds in their room.  Most of their stuff had already been packed away and this meant that it had already been depersonalised to some degree.  However, I did feel sad for them as it’s been the only home either of them have ever known.

Despite this, they seemed genuinely excited when they said their goodbyes to the house and I promised them that they would go to the new house when they came home from nursery.