Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Big Fish Tank

We’ve had a number of successful days out from Richmond over the past few weeks.

One weekend at the end of July, we went on the train to Waterloo to the London Aquarium.  We had been promising the girls that we would go to see the “big fish tank” for some time and they were very excited about going.  Even the train journey was lots of fun for them and they kneeled on the seats to look out the windows to point at other passing trains along the way.

We got there relatively early, but despite this there were already hoards of people in central London.  The queue for the London Eye was already massive.  Here’s Daddy and the girls outside the Aquarium.

Home 043

Lauren had recently watched a “Happy Monster Band” episode on Playhouse Disney where the band go to London and see the London Eye, Big Ben and meet the Queen, so she was really excited to see Big Ben and the Eye in real life.

Home 040

No show for Queenie though…

Here’s Jocelyn and Daddy; Jocey’s clearly eager to go in as she’s pointing to the Aquarium!

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We didn’t have much of a queue for tickets at the Aquarium but unfortunately we were kept a long time at the desk as the girl could not work out which pre-paid ticket we’d bought.  So much for pre-paying!

It was our first time at the Aquarium and the girls loved it, although Lauren (as usual) was a bit scared of the bigger fish like the rays.  There was an open tank inside about halfway through where you could get really close to the fish and see them from above.  Poor Lauren got really frightened when one of the rays rose up out of the water towards her to have a closer look.  She wouldn’t believe me when I told her they were nice fish with big smiley faces!

Once she got over that though she seemed to enjoy the rest of it, especially seeing “Nemo” and “Dorey” and the sharks.  Jocey, meanwhile took it all in her stride and wasn’t scared of anything.

Home 054

At the end of the trip, there was the obligatory stroll around the gift shop.  Jocey fell in love with a cuddly Nemo and asked to take him home.  Bizarrely, for a girl who was scared of the big fish, Lauren chose the cuddly shark (now called Bruce) in the toy shop at the exit – go figure!

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