Thursday, December 17, 2009

The rush toward Christmas

Last weekend we had the last of Lauren’s parties for this season.  It’s been a busy time and she’s had a packed social calendar.  Even Jocelyn, my two year old has been to some parties, so life has been non-stop.

My favourite has to be the one hosted by Lauren’s friend Oliver (who is Jocey’s best friend Georgia’s big brother) where the girls went together in almost matching fairy outfits.  It was (of course) a Pirate and Fairy Party.

Party Fairies 004

Now naturally, any self-respecting fairy would have a wand as well.

Party Fairies 023

Jocey was really annoyed when she found out that her wand didn’t actually work.  She was muttering “Acradabra” to herself and using the wand to hit things, like the furniture and her sister.  Probably trying to see if she could changes us into frogs, bless her.

I think Lauren was really pleased that Jocey was invited and was coming with her.  As I’ve said in previous posts, Lauren is really shy so I think she was looking forward to having Jocey along for company.

Party Fairies 005

Like any good mum anticipating major sweetie consumption, I made the girls brush their teeth prior and after the party.  Here are my “tooth fairies”; I just love this picture!

Party Fairies 016

At the actual party, Fairy Pirate Lauren was still a bit shy but Fairy Pirate Jocey got stuck in and had a wonderful time joining in with the big children.  They both had a wonderful time – the party was incredibly well thought out and the games were really well organised – well done to Oliver’s Mummy Amie for throwing two fabulous parties for the children!

I think the full social calendar has been lovely for them but also quite tiring.  There have been quite a few days recently where the children were just happy to relax a bit and maybe have a bit of a sleep on the sofa.

home 002

It’s a long week for them (as they go to nursery full time) and they are busy too when they are there, so I guess I am not surprised that sometimes they just want to stay at home to play.  Here are the girls doing some very good sharing and playing together on Jocey’s portable toy stove, which they both love (it makes the most fantastic sizzling sounds!).

home 008

We’re beginning to realise that it’s not only Lauren who is artistic (Lauren’s pictures are really fab for a four year old, as this recent work of art demonstrates).  Incidentally, Lauren later revised that drawing to show me with the rest of the family in the garden (clearly after I had been released from kitchen duties).

Jocey’s artistic streak has also been coming to the fore.  She’s really beginning to enjoy painting as much as Lauren.  Here’s the wonderful canvas that she painted at her friend Georgia’s party.

Art 002

And this one she drew at nursery to raise money for charity.  Of course, being dutiful parents, we bought it at the charity auction.  I love her bold brush strokes and her use of colour!

Art 001

She has also felt the need to do a spot of redecorating about the house.  Clearly, there just wasn’t enough bold colour in the kitchen.  Two Saturdays ago, I went into the kitchen mid-morning to discover this:

home 002

I was doubled over laughing!

Fortunately, I could see the funny side because it wasn’t permanent marker, it wasn’t on the wall or floor and was instead on a fully wipeable surface!

Both girls have gone to bed slightly early tonight because they are tired.  Fortunately, they’ve both settled in their own beds; they have been a bit unsettled on and off and coming into our bed – like this.

home 003

Not much room left for Jase or me; we had to shift them back once they were properly asleep!

I think we are all looking forward to the Christmas break.  Work has been mad for both of us and I’ve just spent two “days off” trying to finish our departmental guidelines.  Considering I’ve been trying to update them from about June, it’s been a long haul (it’s now over 280 pages and 66,000 words!).

Not long to go now though and additionally having both resigned from work, we are looking forward to drawing a line under this chapter of our lives and moving on.  Funny to think that it will be our last Christmas in the UK and that the whole process has taken us a year to get to this stage.  I suspect the rest of the time will fly by now.