Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our last winter in the UK

When I wrote the post about the Tooth Fairies, we were just heading into our last winter in the UK.  What a winter it turned out to be – bitterly cold with more persistent snow on the ground than I could remember for decades.

We were all trapped indoors for long periods of time.  Jocey decided that our flat needed some redecoration; I found this on our tumble drier one evening!

home 002

Leaving our old lives behind

In late 2008 (yes, seems like an age ago now) Jase and I had a conversation about London.  For a long time, we hadn’t been particularly happy with our lives there.  We had moved to London after our year in Sydney because work had taken us there but neither of us were comfortable living in the big city.

I think, to be fair, that initially it was bearable because we were just the two of us.  However, we were already beyond the age where going out all the time was attractive so I guess didn’t make the most of the potential nightlife in London.  We occasionally went to the theatre, the opera and to restaurants, but because the cost of living was so high and travelling was such a pain, we didn’t do this on a regular basis.

After the children were born, we quickly realised how difficult life in London with young children was, especially where both parents have to work.  I couldn’t afford to go part-time and we ended up putting both children into nursery.  We both worked long hours and felt exhausted all the time.  Not much of a life at all.

Pause for breath

I cannot believe it.

I am actually having a slow weekend.

I can’t actually remember the last time I had one of these rare beasts.  My recent life seems to have been taken over with either childcare commitments or packing / unpacking boxes.  We have lived in a state of impermanence for some time.

We’ve had a week of really changeable weather, with a major storm on Wednesday which threatened one of the local suburbs with flooding.  I was taking part in a disaster exercise at work, only to be notified at the end of it that we might have to do it all for real.