Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pause for breath

I cannot believe it.

I am actually having a slow weekend.

I can’t actually remember the last time I had one of these rare beasts.  My recent life seems to have been taken over with either childcare commitments or packing / unpacking boxes.  We have lived in a state of impermanence for some time.

We’ve had a week of really changeable weather, with a major storm on Wednesday which threatened one of the local suburbs with flooding.  I was taking part in a disaster exercise at work, only to be notified at the end of it that we might have to do it all for real.

Harbour Street - May 3

Fortunately, the storm passed and no-one came to any harm; however, more wild weather has been forecast for this weekend, so we are staying put at home.

Lauren and I have been baking a cake this afternoon.  It’s fast become my all time favourite recipe, the carrot cake one from the 1950’s Women’s Institute Cookbook that I found on holiday in Devon last year.  She even helped me by licking out the bowl and doing the washing up (and not just by licking…).

Cooking 002

The gorgeous smell of the cake has filled our apartment; I’ve just taken it out of the oven and will ice it with a cream cheese icing later.  It only seems fair as we donated two such cakes to the TIGS Great Fete last weekend and we all missed out on actually eating some.  I really hope whoever bought the cakes last weekend appreciated them!

So I guess that there’s no longer any excuse for not catching up on the last few months!


Kim said...

So do you guys have time to make another cake and ship it to the US. I think I'm hungry for carrot cake now.

Rena said...

Hmm, I can give you the recipe if you want...tried and tested Women's Institute and very yummy!

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