Friday, August 20, 2010

Zoom Zoom Zoom!

Last weekend, Lauren had her first ever proper birthday party at Zoom.  I think it was a huge success because she had an amazing time and loved it!  I was a little afraid at first that she might be shy seeing her friends out of context but she took it all in her stride and had lots of fun running, bouncing and zooming around the climbing frames with all her classmates.

We also had lots of opportunity to get to know the other parents a bit better – almost impossible when you are a working mum, especially as I rarely do drop off now. Besides, everyone is always in a rush to get to work, so it’s often impossible to have a chat.

I think a lot of the parents hadn’t realised that we’d just moved from the UK.  However, we are fast making friends!

On the day, the children arrived, gave their presents to Lauren and promptly disappeared into the vast network of climbing frames.  We had to round them up again after half an hour to feed them lunch and cake – an interesting experience!  In this photo, you can see Lauren sitting in the birthday girl seat surrounded by her friends.

Party 001

Here is the birthday girl with two of her friends, Sarah and Emma.  Jocey is in the background playing with her balloon!

Party 003

More of Lauren’s friends waiting impatiently for the cake to arrive…

Party 004

Birthday girl and Mummy cutting the cake after the candles were blown out.  She wasn’t keen to do it herself – I don’t think she wanted to cut into it and spoil it!

Party 016

She clearly had a great time at the party and I think all her little friends did too.  We did do a bit of running around but at the end of it I felt we had been good hosts.  The next morning, Lauren had a marathon present opening session.  She was really excited and loved seeing what her friends had chosen for her.

Birthday 003

Afterwards, Lauren and Jocey spent all afternoon playing with the various toys and gifts – we have more than enough to keep the children entertained for a long time to come!  I was really touched by the thoughtfulness of her little friends as many wrote out the birthday cards themselves and drew little pictures for Lauren inside the cards (and the inspired gift choices by their mummies – it gave me more ideas for the next party Lauren has to go to!).

Lauren spent the latter part of the afternoon and the early evening writing out thank you cards for all her friends.  It was a huge task (20 cards) but we did it together (I wrote out the actual thank you part for her) and I explained how important it was because of all the care and thoughtfulness shown to her by her friends in giving her presents on her birthday.  Unfortunately, as Lauren has a short attention span, it took us a while to complete the task but by the evening it was all done and I was proud of her for doing it.

A successful end to a great 5th birthday!


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